Wednesday, 25 February 2015

How to create a custom header for blog

     A brilliantly designed header speaks your passion and personal taste. It leaves an impression of your brand in the minds of your site visitors. A well designed header should be visually appealing ,attractive and eye catchy. Headers greatly enhance professionalism of a web site. We can add headers of variety of themes  such as business, leisure, travel, hobbies, art and craft, social service, Pets etc. The regular templates that are available on  some of the  sites seem to be monotonous and does not suit personal taste of blogger. These prefabricated templates are used on and on by multiple bloggers and leads to BIC that is Blogger Identity Crisis.

This is the scenario where a  custom header comes in to light. A custom header reflects all that what you are. It simply shows of your expressions and personality. A regular visitor of your site can perceive the beauty of your thoughts no only through your words but also through your outstanding header.  You can contact me to design one for you. I am at your service. My email.

How to upload header in to blog


The header above which you see is designed in photoshop and is saved in Jpeg format. The header have 13 X 3inch dimensions, that exactly suits the blogger layout.  Place the file in a folder before we start uploading.Here we go

Open your blogger dash board, find Layout and click on it to open layout settings.

On layout panel find Edit in header box and click on it which opens Configure header window

In the configure header window find Browse and click on it. Locate the header image file in your folder.

It buffers for a while to upload your header to blogger server.When uploading is complete you can see the thumb nail as shown below.

Click preview to see the preview of loaded header in your blog.


A vibrant blog header gives identity to your blog, so design one for your blog now. If you need help, contact me through email I will design one you free of cost.

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